Adam Sandler’s Movie Career – An Unbiased Look

A picture is worth a thousand words…so here are a couple of thousands words that I think show why he’s the creatively saddest and the most talentless person to come out of Hollywood.

You might say this is a biased look purely because I despise the guy as an “artist” but I think looking at how his movies have been rated by thousands of people (who are not me) is pretty unbiased.

These are the Rotten Tomatoes ratings of all the movies Adam Sandler starred in and all the movies his production company made.

Movies starring Adam Sandler:

Movies produced by Adam Sandler (a.k.a. Happy Madison Productions):


15 thoughts on “Adam Sandler’s Movie Career – An Unbiased Look

  1. This is ridiculous. I love Adam Sandler’s comedy and such and his movies are not pieces of crap because most people love them and Rotten Tomatoes always calls every movie rotten except for Punch-Drunk Love and The Shawshank Redemption (Sandler doesn’t really star in that movie but you get the idea). I don’t think people should mess up the fact that Sandler:
    1. Gets Paid 24/7
    2. Owns a huge company
    and 3. Been the most famous for Punch-Drunk Love and Jack and Jill for the Razzie incident. (DO NOT BRING UP THE JACK AND JILL TOPIC!!!!!!!)
    At least he is still going strong on making movies. And the fact that people love his work and is DYING to see him, like i do, is near the dead end! Because of other people’s stupid comments that criticize Sandler’s comedy and drama! FOR THE LAST TIME, STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. If you love Adam Sandler I don’t blame you. If you like his comedy, good for you. But that doesn’t change the fact that most of his movies are awful (not an opinion…fact). If he was just acting in these terrible movies I’d give him a pass. But he’s not just acting, he’s actually producing some of the worst films that have ever been made.

    That’s not even the worst thing about him. The worst thing about him is that he’s taking advantage of his fans. He has millions of die-hard fans who see all of his movies. So instead of giving them the Sandler they fell in love with (Happy Gilmore and Wedding Singer) he’s giving them crap like Bucky Larson and Jack and Jill and pretty much saying “hey I made this pile of shit, now pay for it and make me even richer than I already am.”

    But people are catching on. Jack and Jill and That’s My Boy have been flops at the box office.

    Once again, if you like the guy and his movies, fine. I don’t have a problem with you, but please don’t claim that his movies are good because you lose credibility that way.

    Also, do some more research on Rotten Tomatoes.

    • But just because you think Adam Sandler’s movies are stupid doesn’t mean they are. I’m not into him, but I’m defending his comedy and drama. They loved Punch-Drunk Love! AND it’s not a fact! So, just admit that his movies are…well….half-funny, half-crazy, not terrible!

      • The whole point of this post is to show that I’m not the only one who thinks his movies are stupid. I’m trying to show that the entirety of the movie critic community thinks that his movies are bad so that’s as close to being a fact as possible when it comes to movies, and their job is to tell people if a movie is good or bad or mediocre.

        There’s nothing wrong with liking or enjoying his brand of comedy but denying that most of the movies he makes are bad is a little absurd. For example, I love Jim Carrey’s Ace Ventura movies but I’m not going to tell you that they are great or even good movies.

        Again, I want to make it clear that I’m not trying to attack or blame Adam Sandler fans, I am however blaming him for not making any effort to give his fans movies worth their money. I mean he’s literally just hanging out with his friends, doing stupid shit, filming it and releasing it for people to pay $10 to see.

      • The sole reason that movie critics exist is to let people know if something is crap, i.e. worth spending your time and money on. In the world of movies, the best way to decide if a movie is in fact good or bad or mediocre is to see how movie critics rate it (hence sites like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic exist and make millions of dollars).

        So, looking at movie critics’ ratings of his movies, they are indeed crap. So it’s as close to being fact as you can get.

    • Oh I know that some people do love his movies. Some of my close friends really like him. I personally really like Punch Drunk Love too. I would even say I used to be a Sandler fan; Happy Gilmore was one of my favorite movies. But then he started making movies that I, and many others, think are just blatant attempts to make money with little work or creativity. Or in another words, exploiting his fans.

      I think that when you’re a star of his caliber and have as huge of a fan base as he does, you have somewhat of a responsibility not to rip your fans off.

      And actually I don’t know who Dexter Holland is, though it looks like he’s a musician.

      • Well, I only have Adam’s movies that were out from 6 years ago to older. And Jack and Jill was pretty dumb. But I replied in that tone because that really hurt my feelings………..even though I am not really into him anymore. It’s just like that way. I’m only 13 so at least please not hurt me like that because your first comment………as soon as I saw it, I wanted to run far away from my prison you call a minivan and find and tell. Just please don’t. Not really necessary in our family. Sorry though.

  3. let me guess u like all tom cruise movies…. great fucktard…. stick to them!
    people often watch those movies look for some random entertainment not a critic perfect movie.

  4. Adam Sandler makes terrible movies. There is a reason he was fired from Saturday Night Live. It’s because he was not funny. He has never been funny, and his movies are terrible. He gets a bunch of his friends, some funny and some aren’t and they go out and make home movies together with slightly higher production value than a home movie, but I have seen home movies from families who were not in Hollywood that were better and much funnier. He really needs to stop making these crappy films. He’s diluting the brand of comedy.

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