Horror Movie Drinking Game

We all know horror movies are full of cliches (even the best of them). And in all honesty, these cliches are what make them horror movies, they’re what make them fun.

So why not add to the fun by turning your horror movie into a drinking game.

Drink every time:

1. The main characters are teenagers.

    • Finish your drink if the group includes a jock, a bimbo, a smart/nerdy guy.


2. There is a creepy and/or old guy that warns the main characters.


3. There is a haunted house.


    • Drink again if the house has a secret room/area where some shit took place.

4. Someone decides to go investigating, to check out the mysterious sounds.

    • Every horror movie ever made (so you drink no matter what)

5. There are creepy kid(s).


    • Drink again if the kid(s) want to play.


6. There is a couple that have to defend themselves (usually in a house or hotel) from a sadistic group of killers.


7. The group decides to split up. Or the guy says “I’ll be right back”.


    • Drink again if he doesn’t come right back (i.e. dies)

8. The minority OR the bimbo dies first.


    • Drink again if it’s the black girl/guy.


9. The authority figures (cops) are incompetent and/or unresponsive.


10. There’s no/bad cell-phone reception when the bad guy is close.

    • Almost every movie when the characters try to call for help.

11. The radio messes up when the ghost/demon (the supernatural thing) is close

    • Drink again a song starts playing that’s relevant the situation (

11. It was all a dream. A scary scene/death turns out to be a dream.


12. There is car trouble (dropped keys; car won’t start or breaks down)


    • OR the killer is in the back seat of the car


12. The killer walks slowly while the victim is running…but the killer gets the kill anyway.


    • An awesomely hilarious spoof of this cliche:

Let me know if I forgot any other big horror movie cliches that are worthy of being a part of a drinking game.


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